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Kryder Exploration Makes New Discoveries In Egypt!


EGYPT – Secrets Found
Sep 8, ’11 2:57 PM
by Rob for everyone
Having a never ending curiosity and having wondered for many years, what would be the result if I had applied the secret template ciphers I know and use here in the USA to Egypt? I had been involved with coded systems all around the world vicariously an example would be leading a party from monument to monument over the phone from Africa. Research had indicated over the years that many who used these codes adopted them from others who adopted them from Egypt. So I decided to conduct a basic large scale layout test.Knowing the core cipher in the “code” is the same world wide, I examined Abydos, in particular the Osirion (as this location is one of the few that exhibit structures from the “first-time”). Then applied the numbers/ alignment hidden in the architecture to the known template ciphers and within days made amazing and even disturbing finds across 100’s of miles of the deserts of Egypt. I had sat alone in my shack and done it. 48 hrs in solitude with my curiosity on the throttle and expertise at the wheel…. And wow!The Template ciphers are very ancient with their base form originating from the math of creation / reality. The same math used to study fluid flow, electrical dynamics, magnetic fields to gravity and black holes. It incorporates tetrahedral math and explains the nature of torsional forces and angular momentum on “space-time” or hyper-dimensional physics. These same template forms are represented everywhere on Earth. Such as Mandalas and sand paintings of Tibetan priests and Native American Elders of the Southwest USA. In architecture and construction, city planning and roads, in religion myth and legend, in story and song… This math and its geometry was used in pre-deluge times, 10,000bc to 30,000bc+ not just as a symbol with reverence but in technology and everyday life to offer a 20,000 year run of a virtual utopia. It was again the miss-use of the same that ended it all. After which the knowledge became secret and emulated by elite groups to put themselves above the rest. For at least 6,000 years it has been incorporated world wide, again in temples, cities, roads etc… But this time kept under wraps and out of site or hidden from the masses. The earliest maps known are of mining areas and mining colonies and adopt this template cipher system. The Jesuit priests and Triad of the Orient use the numbers in initiation rights. The Nordic use the numbers in their sagas and so on.

It is highly possible that if their is truth to the Sumerian texts that indeed the entire world was mined under one rule. The evidence would support this. It also suggests that after that rule the knowledge was remembered by separated groups worldwide. Each retaining a “symbol” that portrays the same template cipher. Giving each group an identity of those that knew or retained a portion of the hidden past and its math and technology. Symbols such as the cross, the spade, the heart, diamond, four leaf clover, the yin yang and so on… All of which can be laid directly on the main template with perfect alignment.

It took me over 2 decades to figure it out and find the base template. But it is the key to breaking them all worldwide. There is indeed more to it than just reading them all as they as well represent the intellectual minds of every man who used it. The manner in which it was used is as then as diverse as the men who used it as well.

Egypt represented an opportunity to apply this all to the time of the “Mega-builders”… The time of wonder, “when men of Earth traveled the stars”… Using this system in Egypt offered validation to the whole once more.

From still buried and some excavated pre-deluge 10,000 to 30,000 year old structures / cities, geo-glyphs of aircraft, Ancient city sites blasted by craters to 1000’s of tombs (many raided with bulldozers using industrial mining techniques). Areas came to light with massive above ground structures built on sacred mathematical layouts. Some featuring modern excavation revealing very very modern looking building of massive proportions. There has been talk these could be ancient “space-ports” mentioned in historical texts.

Although these have little to do with the time frame of my previously found “sidewalk” route through the “tomb valleys” and royal geoglyphs… They are connected by virtue of their nature and connections through history to the more modern surface geoglyphs and lanes of travel over the ancient buried causeways, buildings and waterworks.

The first application was to map the Osirion in the right manner as to reveal not only the numbers and alignment system used but as well how to apply these in this historical context. Meaning not only does this provide the numbers for the cipher but as well only other sites correlating to this building will be indicated.

The alignment numbers of the Osirion are based on 305 degrees by 35 degrees. So any structures sharing this base alignment and on specific coded bearings and distances and found by prediction using the known ciphers are indeed connected. Simply by knowing where to start the “path of travel” or degree bearing from a given point (in this case at the top of the Osirion ramp) and just extending the 305 line features were found as expected. Then by taking a certain number and subtracting it from the 305 deg another line was extended slightly south. By using another set of numbers as the distance, a massive- 140+ ‘ long assembled stone geo-structure-glyph of an arrow was revealed in the desert surface. I took note that the extended line did not touch the shaft or tip but rather ran across one edge or the arrow head. This indicated that something is on this line and “secrets”. It also means that is not the end of the line! Beyond this a few miles the extended line hit the exact apex of a massive pyramid compound with walls its outer walls exceeding 1,600 ft per side! In the center lies a perfect non-weathered pyramid about 42′ across at its best. The walls and enclosure would seem to be made of Andesite blocks. The main point and one that indicates the possible materials used in its construction is this. The Osirion is built from Andesite blocks because it is the most durable material available anywhere. This new found structure and all its connected features are aligned with and were revealed by the Osirion itself. Also, this structure in particular is also built on the same 305 deg x 35 deg alignment and is in perfect order to the scale of the Osirion. The highest possibility at this point is that they were not only made at the same time but are made of the same materials. In fact the entire nation wide hydraulic system and other features appear to be the same material; and as well been made at the same time.

The best indicator so far as to material construction and the age, is a huge crater blasted into the aqueduct feature itself in a remote area. This crater literally bisects / dissected the feature allowing inspection. The dimensions of the blocks themselves are visible on (2) that were ejected from the impact over 240’ away. The material of the blocks themselves being durable enough to take impact energy like that and not have been completely pulverized… Sandstone or Limestone would be powder and Granite would have shattered… The block material would have to be extremely dense with a durable lattice as its matrix. The size is consistent to other megalithic structures . The most important detail it the weathering, oxidation, patina and how this compares to the surrounding surface. It is more than obvious that water flowed around the blocks for a long time… then the desertification occurred and patina accumulated over thousands of years. The impact hit the aqueduct feature long before the flowing water stopped and the forests dried to deserts. Meaning the feature was even far older than that.

This is just all just a tiny fraction of the details we have studied over the vast network of structures. Many sites were studied and traits from all of them have been included in determining what we have.

Even what appears to be fossil buried or maybe even vitrified cities of massive proportions. These with normal scale cities built within their remains. Anomalies like craters, strange landforms and strange structures dot the surface but only at specific alignments. What has now been revealed with some clarity is a massive mathematical layout well over 1000 miles across that every major site seems to be situated on. Indicating a plane for not just a city but a plan on a “country” wide scale. With everything planned in advance and the infrastructure installed first. Even to this day, there is NO known pre-planned infrastructure that comes close to this scale. The most important find thus far is what appears to be a “country wide” ancient aqueduct system and thousands of surface canals. The math used in the topographical layout, measurements between features and the surface geo-glyphs all share the same meaning and all having to do with water or its control and utilization. The photos in this album represents a small fraction of the discoveries we have made so far and only reveal a glimpse of the over all context and its impact on known history.

The 40 or so pics here are of just a few locations I have discovered and I have not shared the rest with anyone as of yet… I just revealed enough to test the waters. The rest will come to light when we know the right door is open. We require funding but don’t wish to attain the wrong partners…. The spot is open for the right interested party.




Check out the KX Team’s Photos and Finds in Egypt!



About kx222

Research / Recovery / Conservation / Exhibition Who were "The Ancient Ones"? Who really built the Great Pyramid? Men coexisted with dinosaurs? Who were the Giants? Where is the Underworld? Sometimes reality is truly stranger than fiction. __________________________________________ We seek adventure and understanding of the world's enigmas. We seek truth. And if possible, the value to feed the worlds children, to help the countries that contain these wonders and better humankind with transparency and un-biased exhibition. Once you know where such wonders are or how to find them, whether historical information or items of value, you have a duty to retrieve it if possible, to study, conserve. Then to exhibit in a transparent manner, everything discovered whether it fits an accepted model or not. And use all of its potential benefits to further understanding and improve the lives of others. To do less is to starve our own children. Not just of food but of truth. And quite possibly of the motivation and the very means of changing the world. It is said that many wondrous treasures, as well as earth-shattering truths have been secreted away over the eons. All to be revealed in some "future" time... It looks to us like this is the time. __________________________________________ For some reason I have been blessed, often cursed with the ability to decode complex ciphers, whether in stone on paper or oral tradition. The pieces of the puzzle usually being hidden in plain view as insignificant details. The patters just seem to emerge with clarity... Each revelation shining light on dozens of others. Where confusion did come somehow the needed "keys" just fell into my lap from diverse sources. I played the role of the skeptic and believer, wishing not to be miss led along the way. A time finally came when I tested what I knew, felt and discerned. With the odds of success pushing impossible, a hit was struck in every detail. Proving even to my inner disbelief what I had learned was real and of a vast nature. I realized then that by giving up my preconceived ideas, I had learned to find without looking. To pursue nothing but simple truth whatever that may be to curb the appetite of my cursed curiosity. ...To look in a hole... just to look into it. When someone tries to decipher one site for forty years, hiding what they know from others and concentrating on "figuring it out for themselves". They take themselves only farther from the truth sought after. Stop thinking our own thoughts for a second and we will hear the answer... Stop looking with intent and we will find what we seek. The understanding and revelation of this made every door open. Only when I gave up my ego, greed and arrogant intellect did the ability to read "sign" become fluid and fluent. Enough so to lead others to discoveries based on site descriptions over the telephone without ever actually seeing the areas themselves. Even leading persons on Identical monumented trail as far away as Africa. In the last 10 years we have been 100% in accuracy of not only deciphering and predicting locations and often even the items to be found. Using both field experience and a wide array of advanced technologies, finds often revealed a site with multiple occupations over thousands of years. With overlapping monuments placed by dozens of different cultures, cults and individuals. After hundreds of sites over the years, an understanding and recognition of the individuals involved in the design/construction even started to reveal itself. The same uilders of diverse sites and over vast distances. Like the brush strokes of an artist.... The places became predictable with the recognition of its designers. This is why I share this information freely. I am not scared anyone will recover one or another of these proven sites. These places are complex, immense and would require recovery equipment and techniques far outside the scope of most people. Even then, there are literally hundreds of major sites and thousands of lessor. Too many to worry about one or two. Most areas can be surveyed and deciphered by our team in a few days not years, so for every one cache people could recover, several more will come to light. This as well is why and how I made it this far. Although I have led many to wealth, only one man of the many that gained wealth from my knowledge and field work ever came through and shared his success with me. Regardless, Ive always believed I have no right to hide what has been revealed to me and that I have to trust and give in order to learn. It has paid off though in a true and mass understanding of a hidden world most never see. But since greed is rampant in the hearts of men and lust worse. Dozens of times I openly revealed sites and dozens of times I was abandoned when the target came to light. I only really wanted the adventure of exploration and the collection of data but even these were kept away. By my sharing the "secret" information though, hundreds of people have involved me on their own sites. Some with over 50 years of their research. By seeing so many separate sites and being willing to share I was exposed to many lifetimes worth of locations and data to extrapolate a base understanding. If you tried to learn to read by picking up just one book it would never happen. So why do people get one or two sites and spend their life trying to "read" it themselves or in their little group, forever hiding what they "know" from the world... How can they believe they will ever have success. That thought base equates to greed. Greed is the "off" switch to discovery and truth. EVERY time. Hording information is like hording wealth. You just feel wealthy but will never be wealthy. Many have questioned my motivation. It is the need to fulfill my curiosity and find truth. And to pull back the veil drawn over every wondrous discovery that doesn't fit the modern lie called "history". To offer a real world of wonder and open the doors for exploration and discovery again. Since childhood I have felt my world of wonder was stolen from me. The enigmas too many and always the most stupendous, massive and awe inspiring. I wanted to know! And I still do. And for a lifetime have sacrificed everything to find the answers. I have no children, no accepted "career", and am cumbersome to say the least in society on many levels ( I can crack any code but my checkbook is beyond me). This quest has taken all my life with nearly 30 years in the field. With no grants and many times no home or food I have put everything into seeking truth at all cost, regardless who did or didn't like it. I have held many jobs but everything being geared to this massive endevour in one way or another. Many others have put me down for being so open. Well, I know enough to share. We couldn't recover all the caches we know of in 50 lifetimes. It will take thousands of field researchers to get all the sites found and explored. At this point reading ancient monuments and coded glyphs/scripts is easier than reading road signs on the highway. So I feel it is my responsibility to instruct others in this language so as to provide the methodology that will lead to the exposure of earth-shattering historical finds. It is way beyond any one man or group and this way, with many out there with the right information, the big things will finally be found. And hopefully, finally reveal a truth people worldwide search for endlessly. A truth so many seem to feel and want to see validated. I do hope that if in the future, anyone uses this data to peruse, study or recover of any of the sites we have discovered and posted here. They return the offer of good faith we have shown and contacts us. Hopefully with cooperation in mind, in which we offer any help necessary. We would like updates and if important historical items are found allow proper documentation and filing to our archive. If monetary value is recovered we would as well appreciate some type of donation to help pay the bills. So far its all been on our dime... There are things I cannot* reveal simply because I know better. But I can reveal the base components and the clear understanding I have gained of the historical facts from the studies and results. There are many historical facts being purposefully kept from the eye of the main steam... Like the mining of this continent for thousands of years by workers from around the globe. Like the Celtic fleet burned by Ceaser in 55BC that had just dropped off the 2 richest cultures from the Med on this continent, 2 cultures he wanted to find very badly for their gold. Like European occupation and the enslavement of this continent starting in the 1100's or the 90 million natives killed during The "Conquest" and mining efforts by France/Spain. Or the entity called the KGC and or their derivatives today and how they proceeded to identify, explore, modify and conceal hundreds of ancients sites of immense value. We have seen and or have physical proof of these claims. But yet the lies go on by the mainstream. Since we apply for and receive no Academic grants we are open to "find" and reveal the truth without the fear of being black listed by our peers. I know many "pro's" that are fully aware yet none will come out with it because of fear. Shame. Well thats what we are here for. Showing fact, with no twist or imposed meaning to cover other inferred history that doesn't fit. We just ask everyone to look a little deeper, pay attention to each small detail that doesn't fit the norm. All in all they tell the true story.. " Not until EVERY piece fits in the puzzle can you see the real picture". Over the many years in the field I have seen the destruction of many monuments and symbols. Both in antiquity and of recent times persons destroyed complex monuments and glyphs that they themselves could not understand. All simply to deny anyone in the future from having what they themselves could not. It seems like lunacy to remove objects of transmitted history from mankind all together forever because one mans greed and lust. As well the monuments, structures and sculptures amazing in their visual nature and complex transmission of data, are being removed for landscape rock and by vandalism. Their exists no protection for these pieces of evidence of a hidden past, the hidden connection of a global community. This is why I seek to study and log the tens of thousands of ancient monuments. To provide data base and record for the use of bringing these into the mainstream. Only by getting the word out can I ever hope to gain protection for the monuments as well open the door for unbiased study and reveal the truth. I and we are not too popular with most mainstream archeologists or treasure hunters but respected and admired at the same time... Kind of a love hate thing. The top notch people of the sciences and technology welcome us with open arms as no one would dare badmouth them. Unfortunately the masses of the mid-level scientists fear us to some degree and have no idea where to fit us in (they make judgement but seldom if ever ask!). The treasure hunters think we are in cahoots with the jaded and controlled academics and the academics think we are in cahoots with the heartless Looters. They couldn't be more WRONG. Both the tainted academic and the self-righteous looter are secretive and fearful of the truth getting out. Both spin the facts, have their own agenda and disrespect the population by tucking away the details from view. Not our M.O. Yet at the same time both often try to turn to us to get results where they fail, while as you'd expect, neither is ever willing to share results with the masses after success. Well so be it. We have the keys and are about to reveal things others have sought for thousands of years. We are explorers seeking only discovery. By perusing no power and having no agenda in greed, we have found the secrets. They will be secret no more. Cheers ...

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